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AI Image Generator

Sage AI for WordPress provides you with image-generation capabilities. You can generate images using the latest “DALL·E 3” model or the previous “DALL·E 2” model. All the AI-generated images can easily be uploaded to the media library to use anywhere on the website.

To start using the AI Image generator make sure you have installed and activated the Sage AI Writer plugin. After activation, you will need to add your OpenAI API key. Once you have done these steps then follow the instructions below.

Under the dashboard navigate to Sage AI Writer -> AI Images. This page is divided into two sections. The first section is used to preview the images and the second section is of settings required to generate the AI images.

AI Image settings:

  • AI Model: Right now the plugin supports the generation of images using “DALL·E 3” and “DALL·E 2” models. If you use “DALL·E 3” for image generation you will get some additional settings to configure.
  • Image Size: Both AI models offer different image sizes. For the “DALL·E 2” model you can choose from 256×256, 512×512, and 1024×1024 sizes. If you opt for the “DALL·E 3” model then sizes will be 1024×1204, 1024×1792, and 1024×1792. The “DALL·E 3” offers the capability to generate both landscapes as well as portrait images.
  • Image Style: This setting is only visible if you are using “DALL·E 3”. It supports natural and vivid options. With the vivid option, you will get images that are more hyper-real and dramatic on the other hand natural produces more natural and less hyper-real images.
  • HD Images: This checkbox is to generate HD-quality AI images. Images generated with this option will have more consistency and finer details. The HD images option is only available under the “DALL·E 3” model.
  • No. of Images: You can generate a maximum of 10 images in one go using both the “DALL·E 3” or “DALL·E 2” models.
  • Prompt: It is an important setting for the whole AI image generation process. Here you can describe the topic of the image and other details. The more details you provide here the more accurate image you will get as an output.

Images preview is the section where all generated images are previewed and you can choose which images should be uploaded to your media library.

If you click on any of the previewed images then it will get selected/deselected for media upload. There is also a button to edit the image details.

When you edit any image then it will open a popup with options to change the alternate text, title, caption, and description. The things you set here will go to the image’s settings when uploaded to the media library.

Click on the ‘Upload to Media’ button to save the selected images to the media library. We are constantly adding new features to the AI Image generator so, you will have a lot more options and functionality in the upcoming releases of the Sage AI Writer plugin.