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Bulk AI Content Generator

Bulk AI Content Generator lets you generate thousands of articles on autopilot. There are multiple ways to generate bulk articles with Sage AI Writer. In this article, we will go into detail with each available setting.

To open the bulk content generator go to Sage AI Writer -> Bulk Content Generator.

How to Open the bulk content generator in Sage AI Writer.

Here you will have two main tabs

Manual and Queue Tab in Bulk Content Generator of Sage AI Writer.

Detailed Guide for Manual Mode in Bulk AI Content Generator

This method is useful in case you want to generate a few articles. In the manual method, the article generation will stop the moment you close the tab. So, essentially it works as long as you have the page open. If you are looking to generate more than 10 articles then we will recommend you use the Queue system.

The first option is to select how data to generate the list of articles that will be generated. You can manually input the article titles or you can import them using CSV.

If you use Manual mode then you can also generate the titles by providing a topic and then setting the count. When you click on ‘Create Article Ideas’ it will connect with openAI and generate the list of article titles.

Each article will have a title and if you use the PRO version then you can also set keywords to include, keywords to exclude, and keywords for the image.

If you are using the PRO version then you can also move the article generation to Queue. In Queue mode, the article generation continues to happen in the background and you don’t have to keep the tab open. It’s like set it and forget it.

There is also a ‘Reset’ button just in case you want to start afresh.

Manual Tab of Bulk Content Generator in Sage AI Writer.

For each article generation job, you can do settings from the settings sidebar. The settings sidebar has two tabs

  • Settings
  • Post
Sidebar of Bulk Content Generator.

Details for Settings Tab

The Settings tab has options to set the language, number of headings, writing style, and tone. These settings are fairly simple to understand and use.

If you want to generate an image for each article and haven’t specified an image keyword for each individual article then you can give a global one from the settings. Here you have to select the source. Right now the following sources are supported.

  • Dalle
  • Pixabay

After selecting the source you can also specify the image source and image keyword. If you leave the image keyword empty then this setting won’t be used.

It is also possible to have an introduction and conclusion paragraph for each article.

There is also an option to enable a table of contents for each article. If you check this option then you get further customization options like the ability to give the title for it and whether to use a bulleted or numbered list.

Settings Tab of Bulk Content Generator

Details for Post Tab

In the post tab, you set the status of the generated post. It can be set to any of the following

  • Publish
  • Draft
  • Schedule ( PRO )

If you choose the Schedule option then you set the date for the first post and the interval between the next post. To better understand this let’s imagine that you have selected the date of tomorrow and an interval of 1 day. In this case, the first post will be published tomorrow and each new post will have an interval of 1 day in between.

With the PRO version, you can also change the type of post which is created. You can change it to a page or any custom post type.

The next option is to select the categories to which these newly created articles will be assigned. With the PRO version, you also get support for custom taxonomies.

Post Tab of Bulk Content Generator

Detailed Guide for Queue Mode in Bulk AI Content Generator

Queue mode is a PRO feature and is highly recommended if are looking to generate hundreds of articles. This tab shows all the jobs you have added to the queue. Each job can have multiple articles under it.

Queue Tab of Bulk Content Generator in Sage AI Writer.

Here you will all your jobs in table format with columns for

  • Job Id: This is automatically generated and is mainly used for internal purposes.
  • Job Title: This is the title you gave to the job when adding it to the queue. Its purpose is to help you figure out which job is what.
  • Job Status: Whether the job status is scheduled or completed. The jobs will automatically go from scheduled to completed status as and when the queue processor completes them.
  • Remove Job: If you want to remove a job then this can be done from here. However, if the queue processor is running then you can’t remove the job from the queue.
Queue Data Table of Bulk Content Generator in Sage AI Writer.

You can also see the current status of the Queue Processor in the sidebar. It can be either idle or running. The processor is scheduled to check for new jobs every 2 minutes. So, if you have just added a job in the queue and the processor is still idle then do wait for a couple of minutes for it to start.

Below the queue processor status, you can see the log. The log contains actions that are currently in process. The log is scheduled to update every 15 seconds.

Queue Processor of Bulk Content Generator in Sage AI Writer.

We are constantly adding new features to Bulk AI Content Generator and if you feel like we are missing a feature then feel free to contact us.