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Heading Settings in WP AI Content Writer

It’s easy to set up headings that will be used for generating content using WP AI Content Writer. In this article, we will go in-depth about how to set the number of headings, auto-generate them, regenerate them and add custom headings.

  • The first step is to make sure you have installed and activated WP AI Content Writer plugin and also added your openAI API key.
  • Now go to Add Posts and click on the WP AI Content Writer icon. This will open a popup. Here add the title for which you want to generate an article.
  • Set up the number of headings you want in the article. When you click on next then WP AI Content Writer will automatically generate a list of headings for you using openAI.
  • Once the headings are generated then you can change the heading tag for each heading, delete them, add your custom headings as well as regenerate the headings.
  • After you are happy with your headings then move on to the next step and generate the article.
  • Once the article is generated even then you can edit it easily as the WP AI Content writer adds the content in the Gutenberg editor itself.