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Integrating Pixabay with Sage AI Writer

Pixabay is one of the best places to get royalty-free images for your posts. Sage AI writer supports integration with pixabay so, that the AI Generated articles automatically fetch images from pixabay.

For integrating Sage AI and Pixabay you will need to get an API key from Pixabay which is completely free.

Steps to get Pixabay API and Integrate it with Sage AI Writer in WordPress

  • Register for a free account at You can register with your email or directly signup using Facebook or Google account.
  • After login go to Here scroll down to Parameters and you will see your API key. Copy this key.
  • Now Navigate to Sage AI Writer from your WordPress dashboard and under the Integrations tab add the key.
  • Save the changes and you are all set to use images from Pixabay in your AI-Generated content.

Check the following youtube video on how to integrate Pixabay with Sage AI Writer.