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AI Chatbot

With Sage AI Writer chatbot you can have a chatGPT-like chatbot on your website. It can be added to the front end where your site users can use it.

Sage AI Writer Chatbot

In this article we will go through all the available AI Chatbot settings and how to add it to any page or post on your WordPress website.

Make sure you have installed and activated the Sage AI Writer plugin.

Sage AI Writer

From the dashboard of your WordPress site navigate to Sage AI Writer -> Chatbot.

 Sage AI Writer -> Chatbot

You will notice the following tabs on this page

  • Chatbot
  • Log

The chatbot tab contains all the settings for the chatbots, the ability to create new chatbots and preview. Whereas the Log tab is dedicated to accessing saved chats that customers did in the front end.

In the the chatbot tab you will notice the option to add more chatbots using the plus (+) icon. Each chatbot other then the default chatbot will also have the option to delete it. The chatbot can be deleted using the Delete chatbot present next to the update button.

The chatbot screen is divided into two sections. The first section previews the chatbot and the second is the Chatbot settings.

The Chatbot Settings section has five kinds of settings.

The screen is divided into two sections. The first section previews the chatbot and the second section is the Chatbot settings.

Main Settings: These settings include the option to change the theme and context.

  • Theme: Right now you can choose from light and dark themes.
  • Context: It is the instruction for the chatbot to behave in a certain way. Like if you add the following text in the context setting ‘Converse as if you are a storyteller’ then all the chat conversations will happen in a way as if you are talking with a storyteller.
  • Mode: It defines the kind of response that should be sent by the open AI. So, if you choose text then openAI will send a text response for the user’s query however if you choose ‘Image’ then openAI will generate an image using the Dalle API and will consider the user input as prompt.
  • Input Max Length: This setting will limit the number of words to add as a message.
Main Settings of Sage AI Writer.

Appearance Settings: These settings let you show the chatbot on specific pages or sitewide. it has the following settings.

  • Chatbot Type: You can check the popup option if you would like to show a popup rather than a normal chatbox inside the page. You MUST use the shortcode on the page where you want to show it as a popup.
  • Popup Position: If you are using it as a popup then it can be positioned to the bottom left, bottom right, top left, and top right. The default value for this is the bottom right.
  • Popup Icon: There are 9 icons to choose from. 
  • Sitewide: Enable the show popup site-wide option to show the chat popup throughout your site.
  • Fullscreen: When this option is enabled then the popup can be expanded to full screen.
Appearance Settings of Sage AI Writer.

Personalized Text: These settings include ways to customize the bot. It contains the following inputs.

  • AI Name: The name of the AI chatbot will be shown to the user. So, all the AI responses will have the prefix of whatever ‘AI Name’ you set. The default value for this setting is ‘AI:’.
  • User Name: It’s the name of the user that will be displayed in the chatbot. All the text typed by the user will have the ‘User Name’ prefix. The default value for this setting is ‘User:’.
  • Welcome Message: The welcome message will be shown before the user starts the conversation. You can add instructions for users here or write a short welcome message. The default value for the start sentence is ‘ Hi! How can I help you? ‘.
  • Placeholder: It is the placeholder text which appears in the input where the user can type. The default value for placeholder text is Start typing here…’.
  • Send: This is the text that appears at the send button.
  • Clear: This button is used for clearing the existing chat and starting a new chat. You can change the text here.
Personalized Text Settings of Sage AI Writer.

API Settings: API settings let you select the model and other settings for OpenAI API calls. The following inputs are part of API settings.

  • Model: Open AI provides multiple models that can be used. The Sage AI Writer chatbot supports the latest models like GPT 4 turbo, GPT 4, GPT 3.5, and more. If you have selected the ‘Image’ mode under Main Settings then you will get to choose from dalle-3 or dalle-2. We keep adding the models as and when they are updated by OpenAI.
  • Temperature: The value of temperature can be set between 0 and 1.
  • Max Tokens: The maximum number of tokens that the OpenAI API will use to generate the response. Generally, 1 token is equivalent to 4 English characters.
API Settings of Sage AI Writer.

Log Settings: This setting lets you enable or disable logs for the chats. It doesn’t save log information for chats done in the preview.

  • Save Logs: If you enable this then the system will save all the chats that happen in the frontend and you can view them in the Logs section.
Logs Settings of Sage AI Writer.