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Temperature Settings for openAI in WP AI Content Writer

The temperature setting for openAI in WPAIContent Writer is one of the most important settings. If you plan to generate content for your website using AI then it will be beneficial for you to understand the concept behind this setting.

The temperature setting can be set anything between 0 and 1. The idea of temperature can be associated with uniqueness or randomness or creativity with 0 being more predictable and less creative and 1 being the most unpredictable and highly creative.

Before I further expand on this topic let me illustrate with an example.

  • Let’s set the temperature to 0 and see what headings to I get in WPAIContent Writer for the keyword ‘Mango’.
  • Let’s regenerate the headings. Below is the regenerated set of headings.

You may have thought that I accidentally pasted the same screenshot but that’s not the case. Due to the temperature being 0, the openAI becomes more predictable and less creative so, it generates the same set of settings. So, two people using this with the same keyword will end up with the same content.

  • Now let’s try by setting the temperature to 1. Here are the headings generated in the first attempt

Settings generated in the second attempt

Notice how different these two sets of settings came out to be. So, the content is now more unique and very creative.

So, does it mean that you should set the temperature to 1 if you want to generate unique content? Well with uniqueness and creativity, you may lose some touch with reality in your content.

With the temperature setting set to 1, you give full liberty to openAI to go as creative as it can which may end up in content that may be completely imaginary and may not make complete sense.

Ideally, a temperature between 0.7 and 0.9 is good for the content writing on blogs and websites.

  • If are trying to complete factual content and will modify it on your own to make it unique then a temperature setting of 0 will be ideal for you.
  • So, we have set the default temperature setting to 0.7 in the setting which will be ideal for most users however you are free to modify it according to your requirements.