If you are looking to integrate Open AI in a Woocommerce store without doing any code then this article contains the information to do so.

Woocommerce is an e-commerce plugin that converts WordPress websites to online stores. It is super-flexible, simple to understand, and an open-source plugin managed by a reputable team. With its help, a non-tech person can create an e-commerce platform without any hassle.

With the help of Sage AI Content Writer, you can easily write product descriptions and short descriptions.

Required Settings to Integrate AI in Woocommerce

  • To begin the integration of AI with the WordPress installation must have “Wocommerce” and “Sage AI Writer” activated. Both of them are free plugins and can be downloaded from the official WordPress plugin repository.
  • To install the plugin directly from your WordPress dashboard navigate to Plugins > Add New and search for “Sage AI Writer”.Install and activate the plugin from the shown results.
  • Do similar steps to activate the Woocommerce plugin.
installing sage ai writer

The “Sage AI Writer” plugin works using an API key from Open AI. Navigate to “Sage AI Writer” in the dashboard and add the key. For detailed information about the key and all the settings read this article.

Steps to use Sage AI in Wocommerce

  • Begin by creating a new product or making edits to an existing product.
  • The Wocoomerce product page has the option to enter a short description as well as a longer product description. Sage AI Writer works for both of them.
  • To generate content in the product description, click on the Sage AI product writer button located at the top of the MCE (Editor).
sage ai product writer
AI in WooCommerce
  • A popup window will appear, prompting you to provide relevant data about the product.
ai in woocommerce
  • Fill in the fields for Product Name, Product Characteristics, and Tone.
  • If you have the pro version, you can include or exclude specific keywords in the generated content. To access the pro version, follow the link to purchase it.
  • After you have filled all the details then click on the Generate button. The new detailed product description will be added to the editor.
  • Repeat the same steps to generate content for the Product’s Short Description.
  • After completing all these tasks, click on the publish/save button to make the content live on the product page.

In conclusion, utilizing the Sage AI writer tool offers a streamlined approach to creating or editing product descriptions. By integrating AI in Woocommerce you can generate high-quality product descriptions easily. This efficient process, combined with the option to customize generated content through keywords, lets you effectively showcase your products with compelling descriptions.

Following is the video on how to use Sage AI Writer in Woocommerce.