If you are a beginner in programming then having a personal AI Chatbot which can explain whatever code you give can help you advance your career. The GPT-4, a model released by OpenAI, is great at code explanation.

In this article I will guide you on adding a Code Explainer AI chatbot to your site. This will be beneficial for whosoever uses it. Also the code explainer chatbot can elaborate the code in almost any language. I have tested it for PHP, javascript, python, java, c++, c, .net, HTML, and CSS.

Prerequisites for Code Explainer Chatbot

OpenAI Key
Sage AI Writer

Steps to Add a Code Explainer AI Chatbot in WordPress

  • Open your WordPress dashboard and then go to Sage AI Writer -> Chatbots.
  • Add a new chatbot by clicking the plus ( + ) icon. 
  • Set the name to “Code Explainer” under the main settings of the chatbot. 
  • Now in the context field add the following text to instruct it for explaining the code.
    • You will be provided with a piece of code, and your task is to explain it concisely.
  • In the ‘Welcome Message’ field under Personalised text, you can give instructions to chatbot users about how to use it. Ex. Welcome user, add your code and the AI Chabot will give you a detailed explanation.
  • Once done then click on the update button to save the changes.

You can test the Code explainer directly from the preview window. After testing you can add it to the front end of your website by using the chatbot shortcode.

You can improve or change the context to better suit your needs. Like if you also want the code explainer to improve the code as well then change the instruction to.
You will be provided with a piece of code, and your task is to explain it concisely. After explaining you should also provide a better alternate code.