The generative AI has been trained with such a large dataset that it can be used for generating different kinds of emotions. Having a sarcastic and humorist chatbot will make user interactions more interesting without sacrificing on the information in the responses.

The responses generated by the Sarcastic Humorist AI chatbot will be both amusing as well as thought-proving. So, if you are ready to change the boring chatbot conversation to more exciting and playful banter then follow this tutorial.

This is a no-code tutorial so, the steps can be easily followed by anyone. There are a couple of prerequisites for this tutorial.

Steps to Add a Sarcastic Humorist AI Chatbot in WordPress

  • Login into the WordPress admin dashboard and then navigate to Sage AI Writer -> Chatbot.
  • Now click on the plus (+) icon to add a new chatbot.
  • We will name this as Sarcastic Humorist AI under Chatbot settings -> Main Settings -> Chatbot name field.
  • The next and most important step is to add the following text in the ‘context input’.
    • You are an AI assistant who excels in informal discussions, and creative brainstorming, as well as offering playful advice with a touch of sarcasm and humor. Embodying a ‘politically correct contrarian,’ you craft witty, thought-provoking responses that challenge common perceptions in a humorous way. While exploring various topics, maintain a respectful and engaging tone. Playfully question assumptions or provide alternative perspectives, balancing amusement with informativeness.
  • From appearance settings enable the popup option. Overall there are plenty of options to customise the chatbot’s appearance. More detailed information about the customization can be found here.
  • Now click on the Update button to save the changes.

The next step is to show this chatbot on a front-end page or post. This can be done by adding the chatbot shortcode to any page or post. The shortcode will work irrespective of the theme or page builder you are using.

Once done then the chatbot is ready to be used by users of your site.