Sage AI writer is one of the most advanced bulk content writers for WordPress. It is easy to use yet so customizable that generating any kind of content in bulk is possible. In this article, I am going to cover in detail how you can import article titles from CSV and use them for content generation.

Before we begin this tutorial make sure you have installed and activated the ‘Sage AI Writer’ plugin on your site.

Now navigate to the Sage AI writer menu item from your WordPress dashboard and then navigate to Bulk Content generator.

How to navigate to Bulk Content generator?

The Bulk Post Generator admin page provides an intuitive interface for uploading and processing CSV files.

Intuitive interface for uploading and processing CSV files in Sage AI writer.

Here select the CSV option that will give you the option to upload a .csv file with each row containing the title of your article, keywords to include ( PRO ), keywords to exclude ( PRO ), and image keyword ( PRO ).

After you have successfully uploaded the CSV it will show the titles and all other data in the bulk content generator interface.

CSV data in the bulk content generator interface.

If you are using the pro version of the plugin then you can also add the articles creation to the queue. When in the queue the article generation will continue in the background even after you close the tab. This is highly recommended if you have many articles to generate.

From the settings sidebar, you can do settings like using the express or custom mode for content generation. In express mode, the plugin will use the built-in prompt whereas, with the custom mode, you get full control over the prompt you want to use.

You can also choose post status, post type, categories, etc. Once you are done with the settings, click the ‘Create articles’ button.

General settings under sidebar in Sage AI Writer.
Post settings under sidebar in Sage AI Writer.

Here is a video walkthrough for bulk content generation using CSV