Do you want to generate posts in bulk using AI and want without setting up a cron job in your cpanel?

In this article, we will go through the topic of creating bulk posts in the background on the server side. So, even if you close your browser and shut down your computer, the content generation will continue.

To start with bulk content generation you will need to install and activate Sage AI Writer plugin.

The “Sage AI Writer” is an advanced WordPress plugin to integrate the OpenAI functionality in WordPress. Its features include a Bulk post generator, Landing page generator, AI assistant, AI Wizard, and content generation from custom prompts.

The built-in queue feature to create bulk posts can be used to run tasks in the background without the need to set up a cron job. A queue is a set of articles and you can check the list of queued jobs under the ‘Queue’ tab.

Steps to bulk generate articles using AI without Cron Job

  • Install and activate the Sage AI Writer plugin.
  • Add the OpenAI API key under Sage AI Writer in the dashboard menu and navigate to Bulk Content Generator under the same menu.
  • Add the list of articles you want to create. You can also use AI to create topic ideas.
  • Adjust the required post settings from the sidebar.
  • Enable the “Run in Background (queue)” checkbox. This option allows your posts to be processed in the background without the need to setup a cpanel cron job.
  • Once you’re done with the settings, click the “Add to Queue” button, and the job will be added to the queue. You can monitor the progress through the queue tab.
  • Afterward, you can repeat the same process to schedule the next round of posts in the queue.

The “Sage AI Writer” plugin can help you create bulk posts more efficiently. We have specially created the functionality to run the article generation without the need to setup cron jobs in cpanel.

It is very user-friendly and doesn’t require any technical knowledge to set up and run.