Tattoos usually have very deep personal meaning. It can be an interpretation of your past experience, your future goals, or your current state of mind. It can have cultural meaning or could be just a word.

You or your tattoo artist needs to have a very creative mind to design a tattoo that conveys the meaning behind it and yet it looks beautiful. Once inked then getting the tattoo undone is both painful as well as costly.

With the advancements in AI image generation, it is now easy to generate tattoos that match the ideas you have. In this article, I will show you how you can generate tattoo images with AI on your website.

The quality of the tattoo will be more realistic and better if you provide details of exactly what you are looking for. Before we start the tutorial following are the prerequisites for it

OpenAI API key
Sage AI Writer

Generate Tattoo Ideas in WordPress

Steps to Generate Tattoo Ideas Using AI in WordPress

  • Navigate to Sage AI Writer -> AI Images.
  • Now under AI Image settings, change the model to Dalle-3.
  • Set the image size to 1792×1024. This will generate a portrait image for the tattoo.
  • You can set the image style to natural or vivid.
  • Check the HD Images checkbox to generate high-definition tattoo images.
  • Under No. of Images, set the value to 3 so that you get 3 different variations for the tattoo.
  • Now in the prompt text paste the following text and then add as many details as you like.

Generate a highly detailed tattoo on a [bodypart]. The tattoo must be realistic. Here is what the tattoo should depict. It should be culturally sensitive and shouldn’t be offensive to anyone. [details].

Replace the [bodypart] with the actual body part where you would want the tattoo.

Replace the [details] with as much information as you like. You can include information about your culture, your country, the kind of tattoo you want, etc.

  • Now click on the Generate Images button. It will hardly take a minute or two for your tattoo vision to come to life.
  • Now whichever images you like, you can click on them to select them and then upload to your media library.

The uploaded images can be viewed under the Media menu item. From there you can get the URL of the image and share it with your tattoo artist or friends for feedback.

Feel free to modify this prompt and if you have any prompt suggestions then leave a comment below to help other users in creating better tattoo representation of their ideas.