Generating content from an RSS feed with AI can be a great way to keep your blog relevant with fresh content. With Sage AI you can schedule daily posts written using AI from RSS feeds of other sites.

It will be great for use cases where you have multiple sites in your niche that regularly post some evergreen content. All you have to do is to get their RSS feed URL and set the automation to generate new content from their titles.

An RSS feed is nothing but a collection of recent articles published by a site. It is accessible using the RSS URL of that site and can be accessed using the browser.

Before we begin the tutorial make sure you have installed the Sage AI Writer

Installed the Sage AI Writer

Now go to Bulk Content Writer and select RSS under the method to generate articles.

Go to Bulk Content Writer and select RSS under the method to generate articles.

Here type in the RSS feed URL and before you use it you have to test it to make sure it is working as intended.

You also get to choose the number of articles that will be generated each time the feed is crawled.

Now after you have tested click on the ‘Add to Queue’ option. Here give a name to your queue and select the interval at which the RSS will be recrawled to get a new fresh list of titles.

RSS interface in WordPress

Once the job is added to the queue it will also show you the next run time. So, if you have selected 1 day as the interval then it will run now and then tomorrow. It will continue to do so till you remove the job from the queue.

Queue in Sage AI Writer.

You can also check the log file to figure out what happened when it ran the last time or before.

That’s it. Your blog will always have fresh content forever.

Here is the video walkthrough showing how to use RSS feed for AI Content.