Are you using WordPress classic editor on your website and want to generate AI content in it? 

In this article, we will cover how you can use OpenAI to generate unlimited content with AI in a classic editor using a free AI Content Writer Plugin.

Steps to Generate Content with AI in Classic Editor

Before anything else first, we need to install and activate the free plugin from the WordPress Repository. To download this plugin search for Sage AI Writer in the WordPress Plugin repository.

Once the plugin is activated and then a new menu item “Sage AI Writer” will appear on the dashboard sidebar menu. Click on it and you will be on the Settings page of “Sage AI Writer”. Click on the “Get API Key” link and add the Open AI key in the “API key” input. Once done scroll down to the save changes button and save the settings. This allows the Sage AI writer to communicate with Open AI to generate dynamic content.

After saving the key you are ready to generate your first article with AI in Classic Editor. To do this navigate to your page/post and edit it with the classic editor.

Here In the page editor, you will see the “Sage AI Writer” button. Click on it and a popup will open with a three-step process to write an article.

In the first step, the plugin collects information about your article. Add article title, and No. of Headings. You can also choose the language from the “Language” dropdown. Currently, the plugin has 12 Languages but we will be adding more in upcoming updates. Once done click on the Next button.

The second step is where you can manage the headings that will be included in the article. These headings are dynamically generated with Open AI. If there is any issue with headings you can regenerate them using the refresh icon button at the top right corner.  You can also delete, customize, and add new ones as needed. Once you are pleased click on the next page button.

Under the third step, you can change the structure of your article. Here you can choose to add an Image, Introduction, Conclusion, and Table of Contents. You can also change the Writing Style, Tone of Voice.

Now you have completed all the required steps for the article. If you feel like you need to change anything in the previous steps then you can move freely using the previous button. 

Finally, Click on the “Generate Article!” button. After some processing new AI-generated article will be added to your Classic Editor.

The article will be structured properly with HTML tags. You just need to click on the publish button and your page will be live with content. So, this is how you can easily use AI in Classic Editor with the help of a free WordPress plugin.

Check the following YouTube video on how to use Sage AI in Classic Editor.