AI has transformed the way content is generated. You no longer need to research for hours to write the perfect article for your blog or website. The quality of the generated content largely depends upon the prompt you provide.

With Sage AI Writer you can provide custom prompts that generate the content you need. It gives you the liberty to generate content in any language. Also, the custom prompt is part of a bulk content writer, so it’s not just one article, but you can write hundreds of articles with ease.

In this article, I am going to show you how to use these custom prompts in Sage AI Writer. Before we begin, ensure you have installed and activated Sage AI Writer.

After activating the plugin go to Sage AI Writer and then select bulk content generator. Here you generate titles for your articles using any of these method

Once you have added the titles, select ‘custom’ from the settings sidebar under Prompt Mode.

Here type in your custom prompt. You can also use shortcodes like [title], [inlucde_keywords] and [exclude_keywords].

These shortcodes will automatically be replaced with the appropriate values when generating the article.

You can add the article generation to the queue so that the articles continue to generate in the background even when you don’t have the website open.

Here is a detailed walkthrough video showing how to use custom prompts.