Automated Content Writing for WordPress

Introducing the Sage AI Content Writer – a revolutionary, artificial intelligence plugin that takes content creation to a whole new level. In only minutes, you can generate unique and high-quality articles and images without any manual work.

Bulk Content


Landing Page



Product Writer


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Say Goodbye to Writer’s Block!

Sage AI adds advanced features in WordPress, including Bulk Content Writer, Landing Page Builder, WooCommerce Product Writer, Multi-Language Content, Integrated AI Assistant, and a variety of Prompt Templates. With Sage AI, content creation becomes remarkably easy, efficient, and versatile, enhancing your overall WordPress experience.

Unique Content Generation

Easily create unique content for your blogs, custom posts within minutes.

Image Generation

Add a new dimension to your blog posts with ai generated images from dalle or pixabay.

Gutenberg Integration

Our AI content plugin integrates seemlessly with  WordPress Gutenberg that makes it easy to create and manage your content.

Content In Multiple Languages

Easy to use, AI plugin helps you generate content in multiple languages.

Set Writing Style

With our plugin, you can set the writing style of your articles to make them more unique and interesting.

Set Writing Tone

Change the tone of your writing with a single click.

Add Introduction

Our artificial intelligence plugin can create introductions for articles that are accurate, unique, and engaging.

Add Conclusion

The plugin offers a unique and efficient way of creating ai-generated conclusion paragraphs for articles.

“Sage AI Writer is a game-changer! This artificial intelligence plugin has revolutionized my content creation process. With its Bulk Content Writer, I can generate high-quality articles effortlessly. The Landing Page Design feature is a bonus, and the WooCommerce Product Writer makes e-commerce content a breeze. The Multi-Language Content option broadens my reach, and the integrated AI Assistant is like having a co-writer by my side. Plus, the Prompt Templates spark my creativity. Sage AI Writer is a must-have for content creators!”

Sarah – Content Creator

“Sage AI Writer has transformed the way I manage product descriptions on my WooCommerce store. The WooCommerce Product Writer feature saves me countless hours, and the Multi-Language Content capability helps me reach a global audience. The AI Assistant is a fantastic addition, making content generation a breeze. Sage AI Writer is an invaluable tool for my online business.”

John – E-commerce Business Owner

“Sage AI Writer has become an integral part of my marketing toolkit. The Bulk Content Writer allows me to produce a wide range of content quickly, while the Landing Page Design feature helps me create visually appealing landing pages effortlessly. The Multi-Language Content option is a game-changer for our international campaigns. Sage AI Writer’s integrated AI Assistant and Prompt Templates make content creation a breeze, saving me time and effort.”

Emily – Marketing Professional

“As a blogger, time is of the essence, and Sage AI Writer has been a lifesaver. The Bulk Content Writer simplifies article creation, and the Landing Page Design feature gives my blog a professional look. With the Multi-Language Content option, I can cater to a diverse audience. The integrated AI Assistant and Prompt Templates are my secret weapons for inspiration. Sage AI Writer is an indispensable tool for any blogger looking to boost productivity and quality.”

Alex – Blogger

Top 4 Reasons Why People Love Sage AI Writer

Sage AI Writer stands as the ultimate WordPress AI solution tailor-made to meet your unique needs. Whether you’re a seasoned content creator, an e-commerce entrepreneur, a marketing maven, or a passionate blogger, Sage AI Writer empowers you with its cutting-edge artificial intelligence capabilities.

Bulk Content Generation with GPT-4

Generate and schedule 100’s of blog posts with support for custom taxonomies with a click of button.

The content generation will continue even when you close the website. Its all automated !


Supports Gutenberg

Want to generate content using Gutenberg editor then Sage AI has got you covered. The plugin allows you to use custom prompts to generate content. 

You can also use the wizard that guides you step by step for generating long blog posts. 


Generate Landing Pages within Minutes

Looking to generate landing pages for selling affialte products from amazon, ebay, flipkart or any other store?

Just add the basic information about the product like product name, sections you want, affiliate link and the unique page will be ready in minutes.


Create Woocommerce Product Details

Generating Woocommerce product descriptions can be daunting if you are doing them manually. 

However with Sage AI Writer its a breeze. Create product desciptions, short descriptions without any hassle.


Make your Content Creation Journey Easier

Generate content withing minutes and without much effort.

Sage AI Blog Posts

How To Bulk Generate Articles In Any Language?

How To Bulk Generate Articles In Any Language?

Most people assume that AI can generate content only in English though that is different. With Sage AI Writer you can generate AI content in any language. We have tested this for more than 35 languages, French, German, Portuguese, Urdu, Chinese, and many more. The...

How to Generate Bulk Articles using AI without Cron Job?

How to Generate Bulk Articles using AI without Cron Job?

Do you want to generate posts in bulk using AI and want without setting up a cron job in your cpanel? In this article, we will go through the topic of creating bulk posts in the background on the server side. So, even if you close your browser and shut down your...

How To Write Articles From RSS Feed In Bulk Using AI?

How To Write Articles From RSS Feed In Bulk Using AI?

Generating content from an RSS feed with AI can be a great way to keep your blog relevant with fresh content. With Sage AI you can schedule daily posts written using AI from RSS feeds of other sites. It will be great for use cases where you have multiple sites in your...

Frequently Asked Questions and Resources

Are you seeking information about Sage AI Writer? Explore our frequently asked questions below. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

What is Sage AI Writer?

Sage AI Writer is a powerful WordPress plugin that leverages artificial intelligence to assist with content creation. It helps users generate high-quality text and streamline their writing process.

How does Sage AI Writer work?
Sage AI Writer utilizes advanced natural language processing models to understand user input and generate coherent and contextually relevant content. Users input prompts or topics, and the AI generates content based on those cues.
What types of content can I create with Sage AI Writer?
Sage AI Writer is versatile and can help generate various types of content, including blog posts, articles, product descriptions, marketing copy, and more.
Is Sage AI Writer easy to use?
Yes, Sage AI Writer is designed to be user-friendly. It features an intuitive interface and a simple input process, making it accessible for both experienced writers and beginners.
Can I integrate Sage AI Writer with my WordPress website?
Absolutely! Sage AI Writer is a WordPress plugin, making it seamless to integrate with your WordPress site for content creation.
Is there a limit to the length of content I can generate with Sage AI Writer?
While there isn’t a strict character limit, it’s recommended to generate content in manageable sections to maintain quality and coherence.
Is there a trial or money-back guarantee for Sage AI Writer?
Yes, Sage AI Writer typically offers a trial period for users to experience the platform. Additionally, there may be a money-back guarantee for those who are not satisfied with their purchase.
What support options are available if I encounter issues or have questions about Sage AI Writer?

Sage AI Writer usually offers various support channels, including email support, documentation, and potentially a community forum or knowledge base, to assist users with any inquiries or difficulties they may encounter.

Make your Content Creation Journey Easier

Generate content withing minutes and without much effort.