An AI chatbot is an interface using which users can have human-like chat conversations with AI. In the case of WordPress websites, it can easily be integrated using the free Sage AI Writer plugin.

How Does the Chatbot Work?

The chatbot can be integrated into the page/post’s content or as a popup. Once the user inputs the query then the chatbot will respond with the answer to the query. It is very similar to what you may have already experienced with ChatGPT.

How to Install the Chatbot plugin in your WordPress Website?

It is easy to install the Sage AI Writer chatbot plugin as it is listed on the official WordPress plugin repository. All you have to do is log into your WordPress website and then click on  ‘Add New’ under the ‘Plugins’ menu item.

Now search for Sage AI Writer and then install the plugin.

Features of Sage AI Writer Chatbot Plugin

The Sage AI Writer offers a bunch of features that help admins to be more creative with content and increase user conversions. You can learn about Sage AI Writer here. In the context of the chatbot, its features are listed below.

  • Live Preview: Before adding the chatbot on your site you can preview it in the WordPress backend. This allows you to fully customize the settings as well as the look and feel of the chatbot.
  • Popup assistant: The chatbot can be added as a popup on any page or post. It will open via the click of a button/icon. The default position of the icon will be at the bottom right relative to the screen.
  • Response Type: You can configure the chatbot to generate either text or image-based responses. In the case of an image, it will not be saved in the WordPress media library but users can easily download it.
  • Personalization: The Chatbot has multiple customizable options like popup icon design, welcome message, under which name to show response, buttons text, etc.
  • API Settings: With Sage AI Writer chatbot you get full control over which openAI model you want to use and the value of other important variables that will decide the response from a chatbot.
  • Logs: It is also possible to save the chats and access them or download them later.

How to Create Your First AI Chatbot in WordPress

Creating your first chatbot in WordPress is straightforward. Once you have installed and activated the Sage AI Writer plugin then follow the below steps

From your WordPress dashboard go to Sage AI Writer -> Chatbot

Here at the top bar, you can add a new chatbot by clicking on the plus ( +) icon. However, we will be using the default chatbot for this tutorial.

The screen is divided into two parts. The first part contains the preview of the chatbot and the second part has various kinds of settings for the chatbot. Whatever changes you make, as soon as you click on the ‘Update’ button, those changes get reflected in the preview.

From the settings section, you can customize the chatbot type, context, theme, max input length, logo, name, welcome message, and a lot of other settings. They are pretty clear but if you want an in-depth understanding of each setting then you go through the chatbot settings documentation.

Once you are happy with chatbot settings then copy the shortcode provided at the top of the chatbot settings section. Now wherever you add this shortcode the chatbot will automatically appear over there.

Do You Need an OpenAI API Key?

Yes, the Sage AI Writer chatbot uses the OpenAI API key for generating responses to user’s queries.

How Much Does it Cost to Build Sage AI Writer Chatbot?

As you may have already noticed it doesn’t cost anything to build a chatbot with Sage AI Writer. However, it will cost you a token from OpenAI for the chat responses. The cost of OpenAI tokens varies depending on the model you are using. The most recent model which is ‘gpt-4-1106-preview’ will cost $0.01 for 1k tokens which is around 750 words.

We are constantly adding new features to the chatbot plugin and in case you have any feature requests then leave a comment below and we will get back to you.